About The Guys

Two Honest Guys is no ordinary entertainment website.

Here you’ll find features, commentaries and our unique stylings from two honest guys who have very little knowledge or experience, but by god do they have a lot of opinions.

Meet the guys:


Ryan is your local game aficionado. A master button basher with years of dedicated gaming under his belt, he’ll constantly be keeping you up to date with all the latest releases and the top gaming news of 2017.

The honest guys don’t always stick to their chosen speciality, though. You can also expect TV and movie features from Ryan, a man who confused the legendary George Miller with box-office bomber, Zack Snyder.

Ryan keeps up-to-date with all the latest tech and gadgets too, no matter how many credit cards he needs to max out!


James is THG’s resident TV nut, movie addict and theorist crackpot. He’ll be bringing you features, insights, the latest movie news and incoherent ramblings on all your favourite and least favourite shows and movies.

You should also look out for video game commentaries from James too. An unashamed gaming failure, his input might not be valuable, but it definitely is comical.

Gaming isn’t James’ only weak spot, though, a rarely-sighted technophobic millennial, he actually brought an iMac for its “gaming performance”.


Hold on a second…

No you aren’t seeing things, there is a third member of Two Honest Guys, and she’s not even a guy.

Jess brings happiness and joy to often bickering other two guys and adds a light-hearted touch to Two Honest Guys, she is quite literally the company or (.co) that adds a needed touch of femininity to the group. After all, we can’t just rely on James for that..

Like her partner Ryan, Jess is a bit of tech addict, but unlike Ryan, her interests lie more in the world of sound and design, not useless gaming junk. Keep an eye out for features breaking down new tech innovations from Jess, as well as reviews and features of independent gaming titles.