Podcast Ep1: Mass Effect Andromeda & The Walking Dead

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It’s finally bloody here. After months and months of discussion, plenty of missed opportunities and more than a couple arguments, myself and Ryan finally sat down to record a podcast for the THG reader’s enjoyment.

The idea to do a podcast was first conceived when Ryan read a single comment on Facebook asking if we recorded one. Like a dog with a bone, the stubborn bugger wouldn’t shut up about it, and now here we are. Him, happy as Larry, me, a worn down sorry excuse for a man.

In our first ever podcast, we discuss The Walking Dead and Mass Effect. We aren’t experienced critics or expert game developers by any means, and our opinions will be about influential as our own mother’s, but, by god, we’re still gonna tell you about them anyway!

If you don’t have time to sit down and listen, here are a few things were discussed:

The Walking Dead Podcast Chat

Surprisingly, Ryan and I seemed to be in agreement when it came to The Walking Dead. The series was a bit of a bummer up until it restarted in 2017 and since then we’ve had some of the best Walking Dead episodes to date.

The finale wasn’t exactly what we hoped for, with me, in particular, wishing we’d at least seen Negan see some sort of physical consequence to remind him of his failure. I was hoping he might get shot in the hand while swearing out the window, although a broke Lucille would have been just as amusing.

We also spoke about the future of the show. In the comic books, The Walking Dead sees a dramatic time jump after the events that have only just taken place in the show. The whole story is thrown forward two years, to a time of peace. We’re interested to see if The Walking Dead TV show will follow on from the comics and make this jump. I’m almost convinced they will, Ryan wasn’t so sure.

What we can take away from the podcast is that we are both interested to see what happens in the next series. Ryan is convinced that the pace will continue to be slow like it has been for most of the other series too. I, on the other hand, am hoping that the show will come back with the increase in pace promised by the showrunners. After all, with falling ratings, it can’t afford to upset any more fans!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

As Ryan so gleefully points out in the Two Honest Guys podcast, I have never actually played a Mass Effect game. Carrying on with my ‘casual gamer’ persona, I came into this discussion with fuck all experience in these games.

Ryan though has plenty of playtime racked up in the Mass Effect series and had plenty to tell me about the new Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The game has received more than a little anger since launch, with many lampooning the terrible story, dialogue and animations. As we explore in the episode, these seem to be thanks to an inexperienced team taking over the development roll. Just as Bungie jumped out of Halo and Epic ran away from Gears, so too have the original developers of Mass Effect abandoned the franchise in search of new challenges. However, Bioware wasn’t going to let their game die in the cold, so they brought in a new team to take on the game.

It hasn’t gone exactly the plan.

Still, Ryan is confident things will change. With updates on the way, he believes improvements to the single player will result in a much happier fan base — those that are left anyway.

Listen to the Two Honest Guys Podcast

To hear about all these thoughts in greater detail, and listen to my shockingly bad mic quality, download the Two Honest Guys podcast now and take a listen.

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