Fast and Furious 8 Trailer: 4 Things We Learned

The Fast & Furious is a franchise that most people would have expected to be dead and buried three films ago. But the ever vigilant profitable sequels keep adding more fuel to tank in the Fast and Furious franchise. For us here at Two Honest Guys that can only be a good thing! We love this franchise.

The first trailer for the 8th film landed this month, and it’s looking as furious as ever. Teasing us with plenty of plot details, we learned a lot from our first look at Fate of the Furious.

4Beautiful Cars Make Beautiful Explosions

An upside of a franchise like Fast & Furious is that it is packed with some seriously beautiful cars! Although this probably only applies if you’re a petrol head…

If you don’t like looking at cars, though, you are also in luck. The trailer showcases some brutal and untimely vehicular destruction. This time around, Universal didn’t hold back on their budget for expendable cars.

3Roman Never Gets Old

Every film has their comedian, and the Fast & Furious crew have done well to attach it to the character of Roman. With his sometimes witty or is it stupid comments, the use of his comedic flare adds humanity to a hard hitting, all action film.

2Jason Statham Is Back

I’m sure that the majority of you saw the arrival of Jason Statham in the previous film to the franchise, and now it appears that he’s attempting to fill a rather large hole left in the cast this time around.

Statham was a strong character in Furious 7, but he also comes attached with a stereotype. A stereotype that doesn’t really lend itself to the ‘family’ lifestyle.

In the trailer, we see him join the crew in their fight against Torreto. Whether or not his character will fit in well with the current cast is something that we’re all eager to see.

1We Miss Paul Walker Already

With the release of the latest instalment of the franchise comes a missing cast member. We’re sure that the film will kill at the box office, but it just won’t be the same without Paul Walker.

It’s tough to predict how things will go from the trailer alone, but we are pretty sure that it’s a car seat that won’t be easily filled.

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