Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Trailer: Why We Can’t Wait For April 2017

Marvel must be counting their lucky stars right now. After the phenomenal summer smash hit that was Guardians of the Galaxy, we all knew a sequel would be on its way.

Credible news of the long awaited Guardians of the Galaxy sequel was scarce at best, but finally, Marvel decided to share with the long anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer.

We may be late on the scene with news on this one, but that sure as hell doesn’t change how excited all of us here at Two Honest Guys are for it!

Enjoy this quick run down of what THG are looking forward to in the next instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another Epic Soundtrack

There is nothing wrong with an epic battle scene set to old school tracks, and from the looks of the trailers, both teasers and full length, we are confident that there will be another epic soundtrack attached. Get ready to hear those songs as ringtones on everybody’s phone for months to come!

Perfectly Timed Comedy

One of the major points of the original film included the use of timed comedy throughout the feature, and the sequel does not look like it’s going to disappoint one bit! With deeper connections between the main characters, the comfort shows through the blunt and comedic script making for what is sure to be another side-splitting feature.

That Octopus Thing?

There have been some strange looking villains in the Marvel Universe, but from the look of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, this one certainly takes the prize for the most bizarre oddball of the bunch. THG can’t wait to find out how the Guardians finally defeat it and how much of a part this “death bomb” will be in its demise!


LONG MAY HE LIVE! There was no way that a sequel could have been made without the involvement of Baby Groot. The friendship Groot holds with Rocket is an unbreakable bond that we are sure you love as much as we do! And with the Guardians of the Galaxy taking on what looks like far more responsibility than their last outing, they’re certainly going to need this duo at their best. Especially with Rocket’s shiny red death button..

Make sure you don’t press it!

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