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Nolan Drops Dunkirk Trailer

A new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Hotly anticipated war epic Dunkirk, was released yesterday. Following the true events of the Dunkirk, the film is set to be a rollercoaster of emotions, and perhaps one of Nolan’s greatest films to date.

The trailer highlights the horrors and desperation of war. In a captivating 2 minutes, we get a real sense of what this movie will be about. Not romanticised and over the top Hollywood violence, but grounded realism showcasing the truth behind the tragic event that was Dunkirk.

Of course, it’s all dramatised so we can’t expect it to really capture the event, but it looks like it’ll be a fairly good job. Dunkirk is out July 17th 2017. Watch the trailer here.

Terminator 2 Gets 4K Remaster

We all love a good game remaster. Halo, Gears of War, Last of Us, but it’s not only video games getting the old airbrush treatment these days.

Rumours had been circulating for a while about a potential remaster of one of the greatest action movies of all time: Terminator 2 – Judgment Day. Now, those rumours have been confirmed. A trailer posted on Youtube by Disturb Films teases a new 4K, 3D version of the movie.

We have to say, even on a laptop screen, it looks pretty incredible. The film was painstakingly enhanced frame-by-frame and the results are a well polished version of the James Cameron’s classic.

T2: Judgement Day in 4K will see a US cinema release on August 25th 2017, and we are just hoping it comes to international screens as well.

For the second time in this article, here’s a bloody trailer:

Blade Runner 2049 Teasers Drop

On Monday, a Facebook live event will be held for the upcoming Blade Runner film that includes a Q&A session. Fans should definitely not miss this one!

However, it appears the Q&A is not the only thing Blade Runner junkies can look forward to. Two teasers surfaced late last night, showing clips from a trailer billed to be released during the Facebook live event.

Blade Runner 2049 sees Harrison Ford reprises his role as Rick Deckard, replicant bounty hunter. There is so much we want to see in this film, but more than anything else, we at THG are desperate to find out if, indeed, Rick is a replicant as many have theorised. The movie is set for release on October 6th 2017, so we don’t have long to wait.

Until then, enjoy these sweet teasers and look forward to the trailer dropping on Monday.

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