May 1st 2017

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Netflix Hackers Claim to Have More Shows to Ransom

Yesterday, we mentioned how hacker group TheDarkOverlord had released the new series of Orange is the New Black after Netflix refused to pay their ransom demands. Well, apparently it isn’t over yet.

The group claim to have stolen a long list of shows, over thirty in fact, from a company that deals with audio post-production. Essentially, this means, if true, they have their hands on a vast quantity of completely finished and ready to air episodes. On their list you’ll find shows like New Girl, NCIS and Celebrity Apprentice.

Given the fact they actually did have Orange is the New Black to hand, and stayed true to their word and released it, we’ve gotta trust them again on this one too. How this story unfolds will be interesting, although we doubt studios will allow themselves to be held ransom by hackers, so expect to see some of your favourite shows leaked very soon.

You can find a full list of supposed stolen shows and movies here.

Fast and the Furious Cracks a Billion

It isn’t really surprising, considering it had the biggest opening in movie history — even beating out Star Wars: The Force Awakens — but we’re still going to treat it like news anyway!

Fast and The Furious 8 has officially cracked a billion dollars at the box office, an accolade even the much lauded Batman vs Superman failed to achieve. It joins some movie greats, and some utter garbage, in holding this prestigious title.

Fate of the Furious isn’t the first in the franchise to hit this mark, however. Furious 7 also made it past the billion dollar mark in 2015. However, as it continues to dominate the box office it will likely drive straight on by its predecessor to claim the title of one of the highest grossing films of all time — although now Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out it, it does have some competition.

American Gods Celebrates Male Nudity

So it’s been a bit of thing for a while now, that on-screen female nudity is commonplace in TV shows yet you rarely catch a glimpse of a man below the waist.

Apparently, things are changing though, and it all starts with American Gods. The first episode of the highly anticipated show aired last night, and although we have yet to see it, we have it on good authority — the American Gods showrunners — that we’ll be seeing a few more dongs than usual in this series.

The showrunners stressed the inclusion of ‘equal opportunity nudity’, that is to say, you’ll be seeing a healthy dose of both male and female nudity. We at THG are progressive guys, and welcome a change the current imbalance of gender nudity. Equality is important in all aspects of life, so bring on the cock!

…Or something less sexually aggressive.

Anyway, we’re sure American Gods will score points for its progressive stance on nudity on TV. Let’s hope the show is also good enough to get some attention, and this move to ‘equal opportunity nudity’ doesn’t die along with some shit ratings.
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